Restructuring and Reorganizations

If the market environment or the competitive situation changes dramatically, a company has to adjust accordingly. En.Value supports restructuring efforts aimed at strengthening the competitive position and sustainability of the company – pragmatic, results-driven and as part of an interim management arrangement if required.

In the case of serious crisis situations, you can rely on En.Value experts not only as advisers but also in the role of chief restructuring officer (CRO), if required. We present options for taking immediate action with a view to securing operating business and avoiding any defaults. We subsequently create an effective long-term restructuring concept – in coordination with insolvency administrators if the situation demands it. We also provide the required payment transparency for banks, creditors and insurers, ensure active communications both within the business and externally, and lead negotiations with all relevant stakeholders. We are even happy to coordinate any possible required M&A transactions for parts of the company or the company in its entirety.

As an expert partner with far-reaching experience of crisis and insolvency situations, we can help ensure that companies maintain their value even in difficult situations, and we do our utmost to guide them successfully out of crisis.

Services at a Glance



  • Assessment of the current financial situation
  • Options for taking immediate action


  • Debt servicing capacity
  • Restructuring plan
  • Reorganization opinion (IDW S6)


  • Restructuring management (CRO) / Interim management
  • Leading or supporting negotiations
  • Supporting transactions
  • Internal and external communications
  • Implementation controlling