En.Value to represent German Pellets bondholders

Freiburg, February 16, 2016. German Pellets bondholders have the option of being represented by En.Value in the current insolvency proceedings. German Pellets GmbH has filed for insolvency at the district court in Schwerin on February 10th. En.Value will represent the interests of bondholders in the creditors committee upon request and will put itself up for election as a common agent. Bondholders may register their interest at www.en-value.com. Registration is non-binding.

En.Value has extensive experience with insolvency proceedings of this kind involving listed financial instruments such as bonds and participation rights. This expertise is combined with a profound understanding of finance and accounting matters. As such, En.Value is in a position to realistically assess the company’s chances of successful restructuring or its realizable assets and to represent the interests of bondholders competently in the creditors committee.

“Large numbers of bondholders have already registered on our website. We expect more to join them by the time insolvency proceedings are opened. As with most other mid-cap issues, a great many private investors are affected here. The interests of private investors will only find appropriate consideration in the creditors committee if their claims are bundled. And that is exactly what we plan to do,” explained Dr. Karl Kuhlmann, Managing Partner at En.Value.