A safe, good-value and flexible company financing plan is essential for the growth and sometimes even the survival of a company if a crisis strikes. En.Value supports companies in planning their corporate financing, as well as in investment, project and sales financing – from the initial planning through to capital procurement and the negotiation of terms.

To date, En.Value’s experts have structured and successfully realized international financing with a volume of more than €750 million. We tailor financing options to the specific requirements of the company – no matter if your business opts for a bank loan, public funding, mezzanine capital, private equity, capital market financing or alternative forms of financing such as leasing, factoring, reverse factoring etc.

Services at a Glance


Corporate Finance

  • Structured financing
  • Equipment financing
  • Subsidized loans and grant programs

Project Financing

  • Investment financing
  • Bridge financing

Growth Financing

  • Mezzanine financing
  • Private equity
  • Financing via the capital market

Sales Financing

  • Factoring
  • Reverse factoring
  • Finetrading