About En.Value

En.Value is an independent consulting company geared to serving small and medium-sized businesses. En.Value specialists advise and support companies in all phases of their development, including during phases of restructuring. Tried and tested with a proven track record, we get the job done.

En.Value offers tailored solutions for boosting company value or maintaining it during times of crisis. Our services are suited to both individual businesses as well as internationally-oriented medium-sized companies with complex group structures.

The En.Value Management portfolio encompasses topics such as financing, income optimization and corporate planning as well as restructuring and interim management services.

En.Value Accounting offers professional accounting and reporting services spanning financial and payroll accounting, liquidity management and controlling through to management information systems and target group-specific reporting.

En.Value Asset Management structures and manages alternative investment funds in the fields of renewable energies, real estate, growth capital (mezzanine) and venture capital, with a clear focus on increasing value.